Berkeley Circus 2015 Recognition

Option Studio • Bio-power Station

UC Berkeley • Instructor: Jay Atherton • Fall 2014


This project focuses on creating a new urban condition by developing a formal design system capable of responding to emerging complexities of a new urban context in San Francisco. By introducing the artificial landscape on the upper levels, the building spatially informs a new urban public space. This new landscape aims to redefine the spatial conditions of an urban environment while contributing to the urban forest of the city. 

The grid system in the project is developed to challenge and redefine the conventional post-and-beam structure. The system acts not only as structure but also as the spatial field that organizes and connects all the programs together in a network. The spatial connection is created in both vertical and horizontal directions. The design maximizes the public zone, encouraging an abundance of events and social encounters.



Exploded Perspective / Building System

Artificial landscape (public), service blocks and physical rehabilitation (private), fog collector, and planter pockets.


Site Analysis / Macro Scale

 Map drawings analyzing the urban forest condition of San Francisco. (Data resource:


Durational Map

Program analysis and mapping.


Site Analysis / Micro Scale  

Wind and solar radiation studies.

Sections / Public Field

Relationship of new artificial landscape system and urban farm to the middle and ground field.

Spatial Sequence 

Spatial sequence drawing showing occupancy experience through paths and spaces. 


New Urban Condition

5th level floor plan / Public park and urban farm.

Bio-power Station

Exterior perspectives on Turk & Mason streets, San Francisco.


Study Model

Artificial landscape topography and structure.

MIT Portfolio Master-22A.jpg

Artificial Landscape System

Exploded diagram of the artificial landscape system in layers.


Study Model 

Artificial landscape topography and structure.

Structural System 

 Post-and-beam, bracing and infill system.


Semi-interior perspective

Semi-interiorperspective captures the space formed by the grid system. It is deformed to create the structure supporting artificial landscape in the upper level. The slab is constructed of 5'x5' steel beam structure and transparent panel