Fundamentals of Design • Conceptual Design

UC Berkeley • Instructor: Arash Adel • Fall 2013





This is the final project of the series "Double Negative" which focuses on developing conceptual strategies of form and space. The study begins with applying a concept of “double negative” to spatial construction by solid and void subtraction. As voids intersect each other, they create a third spatial condition. In the process, the voids should transform each other as well as the solid volume (Landform project). From that initial exploration, the design study moves forward to develop an architectural spatial sequence that relates to a specific site and human scale (Sequence project). Eventually, the final project requires incorporating the concept taken from the previous study into a building design with a specific context and program requirement (Potrero Hill Branch Library project).

This project integrates the geometrical system of helicoid surfaces developed from the Sequence project into the design of a building. The aim is to create an open and continuous space within a public library, thus informing the interior space as a field of artificial landscape. The circulation merges into the floors to create one coherent continuous system that promotes social interaction within the public library and provides multiple choices of path for users.



Sectional Perspective

Library as a new "Artificial Landscape" / Spatial continuity  

Ground Floor Level and Second Level Plans

Space as artificial landscape, promoting continuity of path choice and flexible use.

Exterior Perspective

Vertical louver system promotes transparency and reveals the interior space. The system is deformed to create an opening for the entrance.



Global & Local Rule

Geometrical transformation of core system to create core structure and transparency. A twisting operation informs the gap between platforms.


Concept of Reading & Socializing Space

Through global aggregation and local manipulation, the circulation system is transformed to become reading and socializing space.